Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Professor dies in Indian gun raid  de

A professor is killed by a gunman who opens fire on a science conference in Bangalore, police say.

bbc 6:06:00 PM CET

4 days before.

Faces of the week Similarity: 0.54

3 days before.

Joyous Christmas celebrations across India Similarity: 0.56

Eleven dead and a dozen hurt in a construction accident in India Similarity: 0.32

1 day after.

Bangalore unnerved by shooting Similarity: 0.79

2 days after.

Fresh security alert in Bangalore Similarity: 0.79

3 days after.

Pak is passe, India our future ally: US Senator Similarity: 0.54

4 days after.

Terror shadow stalks booming tech industry Similarity: 0.76

5 days after.

Terror shadow stalks 'India's Silicon Valley' Similarity: 0.66

6 days after.

No force on earth can weaken the resolve of Indians: PM Similarity: 0.56

7 days after.

Nothing can stop our march, says PM Similarity: 0.85


Indien testet atomwaffentaugliche Rakete Similarity: 0.39

22 Tote in Indien bei Zusammenstoß von Bus mit Chemielaster Similarity: 0.38

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